Ultimate Morning Booster

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I drink this really simple morning booster drink every single morning when I wake up and have been now for about a month and let me tell you I’ve never felt better! The difference drinking this in the morning makes to the rest of your day is unreal, you will feel energised, refreshed and motivated to face the day. It can even help in losing weight as it gives your metabolism a kick start in that crucial morning wake up phase! It has also really helped me become a morning person, I find it much easier to function and actually wake up after sticking with this. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve managed for so long without it, it’s that much of a game changer!


5cm Grated Root Ginger

Juice From 1/2 a Lemon

1 Good Sized Spoonful of Honey (Preferably organic)


Boil some water, add your lemon and ginger then add some cold water and add your honey and stir! You shouldn’t add honey to direct boiling water as it will just break down and become a natural sugar and you won’t be getting all the good stuff!

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Health Benefits:

If you persist with this drink every morning you may experience some amazing health benefits which include:

  • Glowing healthy skin from antibacterial collegans
  • Improved digestion from the lemon detoxifying your liver
  • Improved morning person-ness!
  • Huge decline in sickness and illness
  • Weight loss from a boost in metabolism!

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Give this a go every day for a month and see how amazing you begin to feel! The power of natural ingredients and food as medicine still astounds me every time I learn more and more about how it can improve your body and state of mind! Tweet me or comment if you try this and you love it and I shall see you next week!

Kirby x

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