Top Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget!

As an ex student I know how hard it can be to eat healthily or even eat a proper meal every night of the week relying on a student budget. However there are plenty of ways you can eat well on a budget you just have to be savvy and well organised. Here a few tips for ways you can eat well on a budget

1) Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach.

You will impulse buy because you’re hungry and eating with your eyes. Have a snack before you go or make sure you’re not going to close to a meal time. There are a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy things that you will waste your money on when you have a hungry belly!

2) Set yourself a budget for the week/month and stick to it best you can.

A good tip is to go and do a big dry goods/frozen food shop once a month and buy in large quantities of things like cereal, pasta and rice. Go with a mate who can drive or get a taxi home that way you don’t have to keep going to the shop to buy smaller packets which ultimately cost you more money and time! You can then just pop to the local shop for fresh goods as and when you need them.

3) Frozen veg!

If you want to eat healthy frozen vegetables are a really great way to do it, they’re already prepared and frozen when they’re fresh and can just go in the microwave for a few minutes or on the hob and are the perfect side dish. Personally the mixed veg is always good that way you don’t get stuck eating something like peas or sweetcorn for ages!

4) Buy turkey meat instead of beef mince or chicken.

Turkey meat is so much cheaper and contains a lot less fat than mince or chicken. It can be substituted in things like cottage pie, stir fry or spaghetti bolognese and it really doesn’t make an awful lot of difference to the taste!

5) Freeze down food.

Make a large batch of something portion it up and freeze it. Similarly if you buy something you know you won’t eat before it goes out of date such as bread, just freeze it. You can easily pop two slices in the microwave frozen and they defrost in 30 seconds. You will have to be semi organised when it comes to your portioned meals. When you get up in the morning make you sure you leave a portion on the side to thaw so you can have it for dinner. You could even make a little schedule to stick on the fridge to remind yourself.

6) Make your meals go further.

Particularly if you want to eat healthy. Packing a spag bol with veg is a really good way to eat healthy and make more portions from one batch as it bulks it out. You can add more or less any veg to anything and it’ll taste just fine!

6) Plan your meals.

Have a few staple meals that you enjoy and think about what you’re going to cook when you go shopping and even plan out a schedule of what you’re going to make and what you’re going to freeze down/thaw out. It will save you a lot of time and you won’t just cave and order take away when you’re so hungry you can’t be bothered to cook!

7) Get some healthy snacks for the day time

For when you’re on the go such as bananas or carrot sticks. Bananas are so inexpensive, filling and packed with energy so they’re great for suppressing the hunger when you’re on the go and stops you from grabbing a sausage roll from greggs! Saving your money and your diet!

8) Hit the shops at times when the reduced items go out!

Usually a couple of hours before closing. You can pick up tonnes of great stuff that would otherwise be super expensive which can all go in the freezer and be absolutely fine for weeks!

9) Lastly! Drink plenty of water!

A lot of the time when you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty. Water also helps you feel fuller for longer, gives you more energy and is free! Avoiding sugary juices and squash will help you feel healthier and your body will love it!

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