10 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for You

Green Tea has been a part of my life now for over a year perhaps even longer and let me tell you, I am hooked! Once you go green you never go back, there are so many flavours, variations and ways you can drink Green Tea, I truly believe there’s something for everybody. Most importantly though are the health benefits to be gained from Green Tea. I’m going to share with you my current 3 favourite Green Teas and 10 reasons why it is so good for you! Also guys if you really love tea, there is a Twitter chat at 7pm GMT every Tuesday called #TeaHour dedicated to all talks of tea!

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My favourite brand of tea is Clipper. Their tea bags are all unbleached, fair trade and use all natural and organic ingredients. Plus the packaging is super cute! The Clipper Green Tea with Lemon is what I drink every day. I’ve also recently tried the Twinings Loose Leaf Apple and Elderflower Pyramid Tea Bags and they are absolutely delicious. I also drink the Clipper Green Tea with Lime and Ginger from time to time as ginger is so good for the immune system.

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10 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for You

  1. It can kick-start your metabolism helping you lose weight more easily.

2. It contains a huge amount of nutrients and anti-oxidants

3. It can protect your cells from damage

4. It can help improve your brain functions and over time make you smarter

5. It releases a small amount of caffeine in the brain increasing productivity in a good way

6. It has been proven to actually be capable of burning off fat

7. It has the ability to reduce your risk of cancer

8. It can reduce your risk of becoming obese and assist you in losing weight

9. It can reduce your chances of infection

10. It has been known to fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease

So there you have it! 3 of my favourite Green Teas and 10 reasons why it is so good for you! There are lots of varieties out there and you can always try it over ice or with sliced fruit. Tweet me if you would like to see more recipes and ways you can drink Green Tea as I’m always excited to try new ideas! I just bought some loose leaf tea from a local tea shop so keep an eye out for a post on that.  Don’t forget to check out #TeaHour on Twitter too every Tuesday! Thanks for reading see you next week!

Kirby x


  1. Charlotte

    Green tea is literally my life, I drink so much! The twinings apple and elderflower looks amazing, I’ll definitely have to give it a try! 😀


  2. Eleanor

    This has actually persuaded me to drink more green tea, especially as it speeds up your metabolism! I’ll definitely be buying tea from Clipper though, they sound like a really good brand! x


    1. kirbyconfidential

      Clipper are definitely a worthwhile brand to get into 🙂 They’re tea really does taste much nicer due to the unbleached tea bags

  3. Amy Deverson

    Ahh I love a good green tea, I’ll be drinking much more of it after reading this post! x

    Amy | http://www.perksofbeingamy.co.uk

    1. kirbyconfidential

      Green tea is essential for me now I couldn’t go without it!


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