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Recently I stumbled across the The Tea House Emporium in Bath and I was in tea heaven. From the outside the shop was so adorable and inside was just the same. Tea products lined the walls from loose leaf, tea pots, caddies and cute jars of tea littering the sides just waiting to be sampled. I could liken it to a library purely for tea, an absolutely magical experience! Despite there barely being room to swing a cat, I could have spent hours browsing and smelling all the different teas.


image from http://www.teahouseemporium.co.uk/

I’ve wanted to try loose leaf tea for such a long time now. The woman in the shop couldn’t have been more helpful, I was interested in Green Tea and she showed me the section and allowed me to smell any of the teas I liked the look of. She helped me pick out a tea strainer and instructed how was best to brew it. I was so impressed with the whole experience, I couldn’t wait to get home and give it a go. I even got a free Green Tea sample!




Tea Purchases

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Cranberry and Elderberry Green Tea

Rooibos Tropical Fruits

5cm Ball Infuser

I was really pleased with my purchases and I cannot wait to go back and sample more. After trying them all I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking ordinary tea bags. Loose leaf tea makes for a much more enjoyable flavour, particularly with the fruit teas.

How To Prepare A Loose Leaf Brew

Preparing loose leaf is just as easy as dropping in a tea bag. Per cup all you need is a level tea spoon full. Pop it in the infuser, make sure it’s properly secure then pop it in the cup and poor over hot water. You will get some bits but mostly they will sink to the bottom. Just leave it for 2-3 minutes, carefully lift out the infuser, just empty it and wash it out.



Tropical Fruit Rooibos

This is my favourite of the two I bought, when you brew it it comes out in a magnificent orange shade. The taste is just so fruity and delightful I can’t wait to try more rooibos. I’d never had rooibos before and the flavour of the tropical fruits is just delightful. I would definitely recommend this one if you like fruit tea.


Cranberry and Elderberry Green Tea

This tea was also I really lovely twist on Green Tea and the flavours work really nicely together. The sweet flavours of the cranberry and elderberry take the bitter edge off the green tea some people are put off by. Green tea is something I drink every day. You can read my post on why it’s so good for you here: 10 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for You.


The Tea House Emporium have a website where you can order tea, so you needn’t worry about living near Bath. Although, if you’re ever near there I would so recommend popping in! I would also definitely purchase a caddy just to keep your loose leaf nice and fresh! They also have lovely selection of Tea Pots with inbuilt infusers, which would be handy for preparing tea for more than one person.




I would highly recommend the Tea House Emporium if you’re unsure about trying loose leaf tea, or even if you’re looking for a new tea! I always thought loose leaf was really hard to prepare but actually it’s super easy and so worth it! I hope you enjoyed this latest installment in my tea series and I’ll see you next week! Don’t forget to join #TeaHour on Twitter, Tuesday 7pm GMT if you’re looking for all things tea!

Kirby x

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  1. JaseyJade

    Aaaahhh such a nice place!!!! I would love to visit some day !! 😀
    Jade xo

    1. kirbyconfidential (Post author)

      You definitely should! It’s amazing. I’m sure there’s something similar around where you live that you could try plus they have an online shop so you can always pretend!

  2. Paris

    Aw, looks like such a lovely shop! I definitely need to be more experimental with my tea drinking so this has given me something to look into!

    Paris x


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