How to Own Your Identity and Self Confidence

The Identity Crisis and Why You CAN Have a Label


Okay, so remember the time when labels and, what you were as opposed to who you were was the most important aspect of life to establish? For example in school when all the girls used to lug around Jane Nor(man) shopping bags for P.E.? If you didn’t have one you were so uncool. The girl with the latest colour or pattern you could almost guarantee was of utmost popularity.


However, maybe she didn’t possess the bag because she was popular. Maybe, she felt as though she had to have it because she was ‘labeled’ as popular. ‘Popular’ and ‘cool’, the ‘it girl’, that was her identity. So what if an identity was not a long term attachment, a part of your label that defined who you are? In my opinion an identity isn’t something that needs to own you, or an object you possess. An identity could be ambivalent, like an outfit, whatever is required or desired of you in a precise moment. It’s Friday night and you’re going to a party and whoever you go as is completely open for interpretation, all you need to do is figure out what you want from a situation and wear the hat! Or in this case the right dress!


What I’m trying to say is that your identity shouldn’t always be a reflection of who you are but who you are in a moment, a reaction to an environment. If, for one night you are a party girl, that doesn’t reflect your identity as a whole. You may want a big important corporate job and really want to take the interview by storm, but be nervous as hell and not have the first clue how to act. This is the point, if you want something you can be the person that will nail that interview and get that job. How? Ever heard the phrase ‘sometimes you have to fake it to make it’? Well, there you have it. Adopt the identity and wear that dress! Sometimes you have to just be a friend, or a mum or even a boss. Either way, that is your label in that moment and you should own it.


So in short, your label and your identity do not have to be who you are in your entirety or even a concept at all. An identity should be given a new definition, it should be your freedom and prerogative to appropriate whatever identity is desired in that instant.




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