How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Sometimes the hardest part about working out is the motivation and actually getting started. Most of you will probably find that once you’re working out it’s actually not so bad and you can get quite into it, it’s just the pure motivation to do it in the first place that you really struggle with. Hopefully this post will give you a few tips for getting yourself motivated and how to keep your workouts consistent and regular.

  1. Treat Your Workouts Like a Genuine Commitment

Such as if you had made plans with a friend, or if you had scheduled an appointment and sometimes you don’t always feel like going, but you’re committed so you know you have to. Schedule it on the calendar or in your planner or even text a friend to tell them that’s what you’re doing. This will motivate you because you will feel guilty if you don’t stick to your commitment. Try and vision your workout as just another life commitment and you’re doing it regardless. Maybe even get a friend to check up on you afterwards because it’s easy to skip out on workouts if you’re the only one who knows you’re supposed to be doing it.

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2. Remind Yourself How Good You Feel Afterwards.

If you’re struggling to get motivated just try and remember how good you feel during and after you’ve done it. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you feel after a successful workout always makes you wonder why you found it so hard to get motivated in the first place. If you can just remind yourself of that feeling that should help you get motivated to work out!

3. Have a Motivational Reason

Say you’ve got a party or an outfit you want to fit into, hang it up and have it some place you can see it regularly. Use that as motivation for your workouts, having a specific goal will make you work much harder especially having something to aim for. Plus that feeling when you hit your goal and go out feeling great in a dress you’ve worked hard to get into, should be enough motivation to get you going!

4. Give Yourself a Realistic Schedule

Don’t over do it. Plan your workouts in advance to fit in with your work schedule or at a time when you know you definitely don’t have plans. Being unrealistic about your schedule and trying to cram it in when you just don’t have time, will damage any chances of being motivated and successful with your workouts.


5. Realise That Other People’s Successes Are Not Your Failures

This is one of my favourite sayings, it’s not just about comparing yourself to others it’s about seeing other people ‘succeeding’ with their workouts and fitness in YOUR eyes and then judging that as YOUR failure. It’s absurd and everyone does it and will hinder your motivation because you feel like a failure before you’ve even started. You do you. You do your own workouts in your own time. Be pleased with your progress and celebrate your own success without comparing it to anybody else’s. It also doesn’t have to be hard check out my post ‘5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight’ for some easy tips to get you started

Hopefully this will have helped you to feel more psychologically motivated to get back into your work out routine, and maybe understand why you’re finding it difficult to remain motivated! Good luck everyone and I’ll see you next week for another post!

Kirby x


  1. Steph

    Great post! Loved that last quote. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone else, but it’s so unrealistic to expect yourself to be at everyone’s level.
    Steph x.

  2. Nadine Talley


  3. Anoushka

    I so NEEDED this post! I’m trying to get into the habit of running regularly and mayybbee even rejoin the gym, but it’s so hard to bring myself to! I like the idea of treating it as a commitment, definitely something I should try!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog


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