5 Foods For Healthy and Clear Skin

Everybody wants clear skin and for their skin to be at it’s best. We try product after product; cleansers, moisturisers, serums and anti-wrinkle cream. When in actual fact the answer to clear skin can be found in your diet. Food and diet can be used to treat almost any ailment and the properties of some foods possess are absolutely remarkable. So I’m going to talk you through which foods will keep your skin, not only clear but also appearing young and vibrant! So here are my top 5 foods for clear skin!

Butternut Squash


Squash is one of the most healthiest foods you can eat. Most importantly for the skin, it converts beta-cerotene into vitamin A inside the body. Vitamin A retains the integrity of the skin. It also contains vitamin C which helps keep the skin hydrated, prevents wrinkles and helps with pigmentation. It’s skin is also particularly in anti-oxidants so if you can prepare meals with the skin left on then more you’ll get from this amazing vegetable! If you’re not sure how to cook with squash then my Healthy Moroccan Chicken is a great recipe for getting in your squash.



Berries are amazingly versatile ingredients. Perfect for snacks, desert and breakfast. They can, however, be a little on the expensive side. Frozen berries are just as good and usually half the price. Plus you get a nice variety of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. Berries are full of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. They also defend against the damage from free radicals in the skin. Berries can also increase collagen production in the skin and like squash they contain vitamin C for hydration. I’d highly recommend the Berry Medley smoothie from my 3 Summer Smoothie Recipes post.

Citrus Fruits


I love citrus fruits! Especially lemons. There’s nothing better than some delicious lemon water to feel fresh and hydrated. Funnily enough your skin also loves these citrus fruits. The citric acid in the fruit actually kills bacteria and pathogens which is important for keeping your skin fresh and clean. The antioxidants in citrus fruits have also been found to speed up cell turnover. Citrus fruits are particularly good in the morning to kick start your day and get your metabolism working. Try my Ultimate Morning Booster drink recipe first thing in the morning, and you’ll notice yourself feeling fresh and ready for the day!



Flaxseed is a bit of an unexpected one but great for fatty acids from omega 3. I don’t enjoy eating fish and omega 3 is a really important part of your diet, so flaxseed is a great way for me to get my omega 3. Flaxseed has a high level of lingans which can prevent skin disease. Skin cells also need omega 3 for growth and development and flaxseed can increase oil in the skin which helps keep it soft and moisturised. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can also aid with healing the skin. An easy way to incorporate flaxseed into your diet is to put a bit in with your breakfast. Or alternatively try my Homemade Energy Bars which contain flaxseed as one of the 5 ingredients.



Broccoli and any leafy vegetables in general are excellent for skin. Broccoli is not only high in anti-oxidants but also vitamins C and E. Like in berries, the vitamin C in broccoli aids in collagen production. More importantly though, the vitamin E actually protects the membranes of your skill cells and can defend against UV radiation damage. I’ve recently been enjoying broccoli as a side dish to meals with a nice dollop of butter melted over the top. It would be the perfect accompaniment to my Healthy Turkey Stir Fry Recipe.


I hope that this post has taught you more about how foods can heal and aid with the health of your body. Clear skin is something everybody wants. By incorporating some of these foods into your diet and drinking plenty of water, you may begin to see some changes for the better. Let me know if you found this post interesting as I’d love to write more about how you can eat yourself better and use food as a natural medicine. Thanks for reading and i’ll see you next week!

Kirby x

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