5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight and keeping fit is something that everybody struggles with at one time or another and it has become part of modern society more so than ever before. I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to make radical changes to your diet and that these five simple things will go a long way to helping you shed those Winter pounds. It’s often hard to stay motivated in the Winter because you don’t have much skin on show but remember those Summer bodies are made in Winter. These easy life adjustments will guarantee you start making progressĀ in your weight loss journey!

  1. Drink More Water

You will hear this repeated time and time again but SERIOUSLY. Drink, more, water..! It helps keep your body nicely flushed out of toxins and stops it retaining old water weight which helps keep you slimmer. It also just helps your body feel more hydrated and active which will make you lose weight in itself. Sometimes when you’re feeling hungry, water will do the trick to suppress those hunger pangs and stop you reaching for an unhealthy snack.


2. Drink Green Tea

1-3 cups a day will actually help you burn calories. Green tea is a miracle worker for those wanting to lose weight. If you don’t like the taste then buy the fruit infused kind or a slice of fresh lemon will take away that bitter edge. It boosts your metabolism and 3 cups a day could burn up to 300 extra calories, say whaaaaaat!?


3. Stop Measuring Yourself Against Others

Stop looking to others and judging your progress based on how they work out or how they look. Everyone is different, some people have been on fitness for years and have integrated healthy habits into their lives already. Don’t think of it as a race with a finish line there is no finish line. Set yourself small goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Then start on the next goal. Results won’t come straight away and you have to be doing it for your own self achievement otherwise you will become easily disheartened and disappointed with your weight loss progress. It can take up to eight weeks for even your friends to notice changes in your body so just keep going!

4. Replace Snacks with Fruit or Nuts

When you crave sugary snacks have some fruit. Fruit is high in natural sugar and will satisfy that sugar craving your body desires. Similarly nuts will satisfy any salty cravings. Raspberries, grapes, apples and melon are a personal fave for that sugary goodness. If you have fruit and nuts in the house and don’t buy any unhealthy snacks then you will be forced to eat them instead, and slowly over time you’ll forget all about crisps, chocolates and biscuits.

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5. Do a Little Exercise Often

Religiously going to the gym or committing to a fitness class can often be difficult. Instead if you don’t have time you should try and do something a little more active than you normally would each day. A small 15 minute work out, a brisk 20 minute walk or just a 10 minute jog around the block will really help you lose weight. Do it as soon as you get home otherwise you won’t want to get up once you start relaxing. Cassie Ho from blogilates is really great as she even has intense three minute workouts and let’s be honest we all have three minutes spare time at some point in our day! I’ll leave a few of her links below you should definitely check her out.





  1. Jessica

    This is the motivation that I needed to read, after complaining to the other half that we need to lose a bit weight/get healthy before our holiday in a few months! Got back on our green tea last night but we defo need to drink more water!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    1. kirbyconfidential

      It’s so easy to do, little changes can make a huge difference and it’s good that you’re motivated together! It just takes a little self control and discipline but just keep reminding yourself of your goals and that should be enough to motivate you good luck!


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