How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

So Easter is here, chocolate is everywhere, diet is potentially out the window. For some of you especially around this time of year, you might feel yourself falling off the fitness band wagon. With Summer looming you feel the urge to start dieting and losing weight but are struggling to even begin, or successfully manage a few days without giving in. I’m about to tell you that if you want to lose weight, and permanently lose weight, then dieting will never be a sustainable option and that you can actually eat what you want. Dieting causes more negative impacts on your mood and will cause more misery in the long run than it’s worth. There is a way to lose weight and eat what you want in a way that integrates it into your life without strict dieting. Dieting is not a long term solution and this post will inform you as to how you can lose weight and avoid that awful dieting regime!

Firstly why dieting is so bad:

  1. It’s hard flaming work!

Life is already hard. Dieting makes it harder. Why would you want an extra difficult component in your life to juggle and manage, it’s not an ideal situation and you are unlikely to keep it up. Plus you may lose weight quickly and be ‘proud’ of the result but you can’t diet forever and when your diet is over you’re likely to just pile it all back on!

2. It’s not sustainable!

In the long run restricting your diet and what you can eat will make you unhappy. Yes you’ve reached your goals and lost weight, but there will become a point where you are disgruntled by the fact you thought you would feel joy and losing weight, would fix your life and make you happy. Where you’ve been restricting your diet so religiously, you may just in the end feel miserable because you’re experiencing so much deprivation. There are numerous studies out there on the internet that strongly suggest dieting is linked with mental health problems and depression particularly in women.

3. Dieting makes you obsessed with food for all the wrong reasons

Calorie counting, obsessing over what you’re going to eat for each meal and feeling guilty. There’s no need to ruin your relationship with food, feeling guilty about consuming a ‘cheat meal’ or living for ‘cheat days’ is not a healthy way to interact with food.

4. Stress = weight gain

This is truly a scientific fact. Stress causes the build up of a hormone called cortisol which in the long and short will stop you burning calories, and is particularly prone to causing weight gain in the stomach area. If you’re stressed about dieting then it may actually hinder your weight loss! There’s plenty more reading material out there on the internet about stress and weight gain, and if stress stops you sleeping then, lack of sleep can also impede weight loss.

So, How Can You Still Lose Weight Without Dieting?

So what can be done about this horrific dieting situation? How can you still possibly lose weight without dieting. The key is to make it an integral part of your every day living. For example you can have one meal out of three a day where it’s an ‘unhealthy’ or ‘cheat meal’ providing the other two are clean and healthy. So if you’re going out for a meal for dinner make sure your lunch and breakfast are two good healthy meals, for example omelette for breakfast and salad for lunch.

That way you’re well with in your calorie count and there’s no way you can over eat. As long as this daily cheat meal isn’t extreme like a takeaway every day then you will find it far easier to accommodate a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Just make sure you’re working out a few times a week and drinking plenty of water and (perhaps slower than a strict diet) eventually you’ll see the results. If you feel yourself struggling to get motivated to work out then check out my last post

This video by fitness trainer/YouTuber Carly Rowena and YouTuber Helen Anderson was really the inspiration behind this post and has really helped me with dieting advice.


Yes the results will come slower, but you will be creating a diet for life. This is something that you can create comfortably and plan for. Meaning, if you want that coffee and cake at lunch time with a friend, you no longer feel that sadness and guilt that you would feel on a diet. You’ll be happier in the long run and reducing the stress that can cause weight gain in the first place. So, Happy Easter everyone enjoy your chocolate and don’t feel guilty. Follow this easy rule and you’ll be back on track in no time! See you next week!

Kirby x

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