3 Reasons to Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day can be one of those occasions where romance and love is shoved down your throat and lots of couples are flaunting their happy relationships and going on fancy dates. Granted, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I’m often pleased to witness such happiness. However if you’re single or your partner isn’t feeling the romance quite so much you might be feeling a knock to your confidence. Sometimes it can be hard to like yourself and be truly 100% happy with who you are. You are your own worst critic and will see flaws in yourself that other people would never even see. So I present to you, 3 reasons why not only should you like yourself, but perhaps you could even try loving yourself!

1.You Can’t Be Anyone Else.

No matter what you do, you will always be you. You can try as hard as you like to fake it until you make it but you wouldn’t be happy pretending to be anyone else. The problem we have with ourselves is that we are entirely subjective, we see every single part of our life and are conscious of every single thought, action and detail 24/7. What other people see is not what you see and you will never be able to see what other people see. If you really just let go and be yourself you probably secretly quite enjoy your own company. Practicing Self Care is a really useful way of re-connecting with yourself which is a subject I covered in last week’s post http://kirbyconfidential.com/how-to-self-care/

2. Life Is Easier When You Love Yourself

When you’re completely at one with yourself and you have that self-love and acceptance life dramatically improves. Somehow everything has a more positive outlook which will be reflected in your work and relationships. The burden of disliking yourself will cause more harm than if you just give yourself a bit of appreciation.

3. Attractiveness.

Everybody wants to feel attractive and loving yourself will do wonders for your confidence which automatically makes you more desirable to others. Not just in a romantic way but in every way! If I ever feel unattractive I look at a stranger and 3 things about them that somebody would find attractive or that I would consider myself ‘envious’ of. I can always find something and if you can do that with everybody then there must be things that people find attractive about me. Makes sense?

So give yourself a bit more loving! You’re great and you know it you’ve just got to be brave and give yourself to the world and let it accept you for you. Happy Valentine’s! See you next week.

Kirby x

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